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She Knows the Law

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Testimonials - Immigration, Testimonials

The first thing you should know about Lucy is that SHE KNOWS THE LAW. A vital knowledge when you need to win your case. Secondly, she cares about her clients. There are many money-grabbing immigration attorneys, but Lucy is certainly not one of them. When I was in an extremely tough situation, with my back pressed against the wall, Lucy found a quick solution to help me reach my permanent residency status when all other attorneys said it was impossible. She was very honest with me from the start and all along, but worked very diligently to reach our goal. It is because of her in-depth knowledge of the law and her persistence and creativity that she successfully presented my case and made me win the greatest opportunity of my life to remain in America and live my American dream! Lucy is simply the greatest attorney to work with.

Dr. Swagata Banerjee, Assistant Professor of Agribusiness, Alabama A&M University

Pleasant Experience

on Tuesday, 20 March 2012. Posted in Testimonials - Immigration, Testimonials

My experience with Lucy is very pleasant. She is professional and absolutely knows what she is doing. She is very straight forward and gives very realistic pictures. I have never seen an attorney showing such genuine concerns to her clients. I don't believe any attorney would respond to your questions at mid night or on a weekend. But Lucy did. I would high recommend Lucy to all for immigration related legal services.

Dr. Yongpei Guan, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida

A Very Straightforward Lawyer

on Thursday, 02 February 2012. Posted in Testimonials - Immigration, Testimonials

Lucy is very knowledgeable in national interest waiver and EB-1 processing. I have worked closely with Lucy throughout my immigration process for more than 3 years now. Unlike other lawyers she responds to all the questions and keeps you updated with where one stands with his or her immigration process and answers all panic questions which as a client I would come up with. A very straight forward lawyer who guides with perfection!

Dr. Yue Deng, Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Texas Arlington

Won my Case with her Help!

on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Posted in Testimonials - Immigration, Testimonials

I would highly recommend Lucy Lu if you are looking for nearly perfect professional services. I was lucky to hire Lucy as my attorney to handle some business for me – she was always on top of everything and she took my case very seriously. If I had a question for her, she either answered it instantly on MSN or responded back via email in 24 hours. I was never disappointed at her service from any perspective. More importantly, I won my case with her help!

Ms. Coco Meng, Director of Finance, Asia, Xerium Technologies

Excellent Legal Professional

on Monday, 12 March 2012. Posted in Testimonials - Immigration, Testimonials

I serve as a Legal Counsel for Birlasoft, a leading provider of information technology services in both onshore and offshore models. Over 5 years, I have relied on Lucy to assist me with complicated immigration law matters. She has proved her solid knowledge in immigration field by ensuring the efficient visa processing of our employees' cases even in the most challenging cases. I have known Lucy for many years and know her to be both an excellent legal professional and a person of the highest integrity. I can enthusiastically recommend her without reservation.

Mr. Anuj Sharma, Esq., Legal Counsel, Birlasoft

Simply So Hard to Find Such a Good Attorney As Lucy!

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Testimonials - International Business, Testimonials

Before we identified Lucy as our corporate attorney, we talked to 12 attorneys in the United States and interviewed 2 of them. We believe we had to find the best attorney in the United States because the complicated international business nature of our company. “She is better than all others!” I told our people after I spoke to Lucy. Although our US branch office is located in Chicago and Lucy's office is located in Atlanta, we decided to hire Lucy Lu & Associates immediately.

It is very difficult for a Chinese company to do business in the United States. We are not familiar with the US law. However, under the guideline of Lucy, we successfully conquered many legal challenges together. Lucy is more than professional. She always gets to the point when questions come up. Her solid legal knowledge, sharp mind and confidence set her aside from other attorneys. All of her excellent essence just brings us closer and closer to success. Sometimes it seems that there is no way out. Our team will say "Lucy will work it out". And she did!

Our company relies on Lucy's professional legal skills on our legal matters in the United States. I cannot remember how many emails sent from Lucy in the midnight! I am still greatly touched by a very important and urgent email sent from Lucy at 5:30 AM. I know that she worked all night on that! She cares her clients. It is simply so hard to find such as good attorney as Lucy!

Sherry Liu, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Wondfo China

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